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New Arizona Limited Liability Company Act Impacts New and Existing LLCs

Arizona laws applicable to limited liability companies (LLCs) in the state change substantially beginning in 2019.  The Arizona Limited Liability Company Act (ALLCA), enacted in 2018, affects all current and new LLCs.  If you own or are a member of an LLC or contemplate creating one, it is critical that you know about these significant changes. I… Read More
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Should You Form an LLC for Your Arizona Business?

Many business owners initially set up their new business as a sole proprietorship.  A Limited Liability Company, commonly called an LLC, offers advantages that a sole proprietorship does not.  LLCs are a popular choice of structure for many Arizona businesses, but they are not always the best or right choice for every business and owner. Finding… Read More
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What Is Business Succession Planning — and Why Is It Important?

If you own a business, you spend most (or all) of your time running the business. Do you ever consider what would happen to your business without you? You probably don’t — but you really need to consider that possibility. Business succession planning is the best way to plan for unexpected events that can dramatically affect your business. You… Read More
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