what's in an Arizona estate plan

What Documents Are in an Arizona Estate Plan?

While people sometimes think that a Last Will and Testament is all you need for an estate plan, a complete Arizona estate plan includes other essential documents. These important written legal documents protect you and your family, in addition to providing for distribution of your property after you pass away. The best way to ensure that you have a… Read More
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does a small business need an attorney

3 Ways an Attorney Can Help Your Arizona Small Business

Whether you are establishing a new small business or running an existing enterprise, a business law attorney can help you keep your company running smoothly. Your lawyer also can make sure that you protect your business and personal financial interests for the future. In this blog post, attorney Shane Peterson explains three ways an attorney can he… Read More
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estate planning

Inconsistent Estate Documents Create Legal Issues For Heirs

Distribution of a deceased person’s estate involves a number of different legal documents, including their Last Will and Testament and any trust instruments, as well as asset account statements, property titles, and other legal documents. All these items factor into who receives the property in the estate. But what happens if a decedent leaves be… Read More
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Senior man looking at last will and testament

Is a Trust the Only Way to Avoid Probate? Not in Arizona.

For many people, an important goal of creating an estate plan is to avoid probate of their estate. A living trust is often an excellent way to accomplish that goal. But in Arizona, there are also other ways to avoid the probate process. This article explains the available options for avoiding probate of property in an Arizona estate, as well as the… Read More
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Businessman protects family members

How Is Your Business Included in Your Estate Plan?

A properly developed estate plan provides protection for your family in the event of unanticipated events that can endanger their security and future. If you own a business, addressing the future of your business in your estate plan is just as essential as safeguarding your family. This strategy ensures that your family won’t face any difficultie… Read More
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Father read's to unborn baby

Why Young Adults With Limited Assets Need an Estate Plan

Many young adults think that estate planning is something that only older folks with lots of financial assets need to do. The fact is that every adult, regardless of age, should have an estate plan. A complete estate plan does much more than distribute property after death. It protects you in the event of unexpected contingencies during your life a… Read More
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lawyer helps elder lady with documents

How To Safeguard Your Estate Plan Documents — and Why It’s Essential

When you finish creating an estate plan, you feel pride and satisfaction at completing a significant accomplishment. You also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is protected in the future. But there’s an important task remaining: You need to safeguard your estate plan documents and decide where to store them, to prote… Read More
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Durable power of attorney document

Why Powers of Attorney Are an Essential Part of Your Estate Plan

Durable powers of attorney are some of most important legal documents everyone should have. Without them, you and your family could face significant problems relating to your financial matters, medical decisions, and personal care. Please read on to find out why powers of attorney are an essential part of your estate plan and what these documents a… Read More
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business planning ideas

The Best Way To Start a Small Business in Arizona

Starting a new business is exciting. But tending to the details, including all the necessary legal prerequisites, can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many places to turn for guidance — but even choosing where to begin can be a perplexing task. If you’re looking for an overview of what it takes to start a small business in Arizona and… Read More
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Father working on the computer with his young daughter on his lap

Are Your Digital Assets Covered By Your Estate Plan?

If you use an electronic device like a phone, tablet, or computer, you probably own digital assets. Have you considered what happens to all that information if you become incapacitated, even temporarily, or after you pass away? The best way to protect your digital assets is to include them in your estate plan, after you have a detailed discussion w… Read More
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