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Moving to Arizona? Here’s Why You Need to Review Your Estate Plan Soon

If you recently moved to Arizona or plan to move here in the near future, an important item may be missing from your to-do list. Since you’re changing your state of legal residence, it’s essential to make certain that your estate plan complies with applicable Arizona laws, as well as recent changes in federal laws. While you may not need to cre… Read More
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Arizona probate law

Arizona Affidavit Process for Small Estates May Avoid Probate

Arizona statutes provide for a simplified affidavit process for small estates with real property or personal property valued below specific amounts. An heir or devisee of property may be able to use the affidavit procedure to claim estate assets without going through the probate process. However, the affidavit process has specific requirements and… Read More
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4 Arizona Estate Planning Considerations For Non-U.S. Citizens

Many people with legal residence outside the United States own real estate and other assets in Arizona and spend part of the year here. Regardless of whether the Arizona connection is for residential or business reasons, all non-U.S. citizens need to be attentive to estate planning issues that arise from property ownership in the state. At Peterson… Read More
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Arizona Beneficiary Deeds…

Arizona Beneficiary Deeds for Non-U.S. Citizen Real Estate Owners

Buyers from all over the world purchase real estate in Arizona, largely because of our hospitable climate. Non-U.S. Citizens who purchase real estate in Arizona know they must be cognizant of all the legal implications of owning real estate here. One aspect that sometimes escapes attention relates to what happens to the property when the owner pass… Read More
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