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Real estate law affects everyone’s life in one way or another. At Peterson Law Offices, PLLC, we have the knowledge and real-life experience to help our neighbors and friends throughout the East Valley with virtually any real estate transaction or concern.

In addition to being licensed to practice law, Attorney Shane Peterson is an Arizona-licensed real estate agent with years of experience. He's handled hundreds of transactions. His extensive experience in real estate gives him valuable insight into any real estate matter, including those that arise in our business law, estate planning, and probate practices.

Real Estate Transactions, Including Purchase and Sale

While many Arizona real estate purchases and sales involve a real estate agent rather than an attorney, the only way to fully understand your rights and obligations under a real estate contract is to consult with an experienced real estate attorney. A real estate agent or broker cannot advise you of your legal rights or represent you in the event a legal issue with the transaction arises.

Arizona law does not require you to use a real estate agent to buy or sell real estate. If you have agreed to a private sale or purchase of real estate, Peterson Law Offices can handle the transaction for you. But even if your purchase or sale involves a real estate agent or broker, you can turn to us for legal advice on your purchase or sale. If you want to be sure the contract fully addresses your concerns and interests — including any revisions you want to make — we can review your documents and also help negotiate any changes that are necessary.

Our real estate transactions services are not limited to real estate purchases and sales. We also help clients with other types of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including leases. In any type of real estate transaction, we can assist in:

  • Drafting documents
  • Reviewing documents
  • Negotiating terms of a transaction
  • Advising on Arizona laws affecting the transaction
  • Assisting in resolving issues arising during the transaction

We counsel and represent clients throughout the East Valley, as well as out-of-state residents owning or interested in acquiring an interest in Arizona real estate.

Arizona Real Estate Issues

Arizona has numerous, complex laws governing the rights and obligations of owners and occupants of real estate. When any concern or issue arises, those laws determine your available options and often set specific requirements for asserting your legal rights. Peterson Law Offices provides counsel and representation for our clients on the full range of real estate issues that occur in Arizona, including:

  • Property owner rights
  • Commercial and residential landlord / tenant rights and obligations
  • Adverse possession laws
  • Condominium / homeowner association issues
  • Homestead laws
  • Land use issues
  • Property line and fence laws
  • Private nuisance issues
  • Property maintenance concerns
  • Water rights laws

No matter what kind of real estate issue you encounter, we are here to help.

Residential Evictions

In addition to helping clients with real estate transactions and concerns, Peterson Law Offices represents landlords and property managers in residential eviction proceedings. Arizona laws on eviction are extremely complex and require following very specific procedures in evicting a residential tenant.

The Arizona legislature adopted the Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act (URLTA), which governs the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants in residential leases. The URLTA sets out very specific reasons that a residential tenant can be evicted, including violation of the lease or rental agreement, failure to maintain the property, and failure to pay rent. It also provides for a detailed process that must be followed. The process varies depending on the circumstances and reasons for the eviction.

Residential self-help evictions by landlords are illegal in Arizona and can even result in the landlord being assessed damages by a court. Tenants can also contest an eviction and assert defenses to an eviction. If you have a residential lease situation, call on Peterson Law Offices to ensure that you proceed in strict accordance with the laws in evicting your tenant.

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No matter what type of real estate question or concern you have, Peterson Law Offices welcomes your inquiry about our real estate law services. We offer real estate purchase contract drafting, contract review, and eviction services for a flat fee.

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