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estate planning terms

Understanding Estate Planning Terminology

When you create an estate plan, you may encounter unfamiliar legal words and phrases that can make the process a little bewildering. While your lawyer will explain everything in detail, you can get a head start by understanding some basic estate planning terminology before you meet with your attorney. In this discussion, East Valley estate planning… Read More
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personal representative of an estate

As a Personal Representative of an AZ Estate, What Are My Responsibilities?

The personal representative of an Arizona estate is the individual with responsibility for probate administration of a deceased person’s estate. State law imposes substantial fiduciary duties on a personal representative. This article explains why understanding those duties is important, as well as what the responsibilities entail. Importance of… Read More
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what's it like to live in Arizona

Moving to Arizona? Here’s Why You Need to Review Your Estate Plan Soon

If you recently moved to Arizona or plan to move here in the near future, an important item may be missing from your to-do list. Since you’re changing your state of legal residence, it’s essential to make certain that your estate plan complies with applicable Arizona laws, as well as recent changes in federal laws. While you may not need to cre… Read More
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what's in an Arizona estate plan

What Documents Are in an Arizona Estate Plan?

While people sometimes think a Last Will and Testament is all you need for an estate plan, a complete Arizona estate plan includes other essential documents. These important written legal documents protect you and your family, in addition to providing for the distribution of your property after you pass away. The best way to ensure that you have al… Read More
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estate plan storage

How To Safeguard Your Estate Plan Documents — and Why It’s Essential

When you finish creating an estate plan, you feel pride and satisfaction at completing a significant accomplishment. You also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is protected in the future. But there’s an important task remaining: You need to safeguard your estate plan documents and decide where to store them, to prote… Read More
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Do-It-Yourself Wills & Es…

Do-It-Yourself Wills & Estate Plans Are a Serious Mistake — Especially During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Uncertainties

Your will and other estate plan documents protect you and your family during your life and after you pass away. Your estate plan provides peace-of-mind about the legal protection you have put in place. However, using forms or an online do-it-yourself (DIY) service can defeat those important goals and have significant negative consequences for you a… Read More
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estate plan for a blended family

Estate Planning For a Blended Family After a Remarriage

Estate planning is important for everyone, but it is especially vital for individuals who have a blended family following a remarriage. The estate planning goal of ensuring that natural children (and grandchildren) receive their inheritance becomes more challenging in a blended family situation. Other special estate planning concerns warrant consid… Read More
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estate plan for one person

Estate Planning Options For Singles Without Heirs

If you’re unmarried and don’t have children or living relatives, you might think estate planning is not important or deserves your attention. However, it is an undertaking that is essential to protect you during your life and ensure that your property does not end up in the hands of the state. Singles sometimes feel there aren’t good… Read More
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