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Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the preparatory planning by an individual or a family with the hopes of avoiding probate. Essentially you create an estate plan by executing a will that lets the world know what you want done with your estate at the time of your death. The estate plan becomes more complex when you leave your estate to a trust that is set up to protect and control your estate more than a basic will.

Who needs an estate plan?

If you have a spouse, children, or ownership of any real property or personal property  such as a a house, car or money; then you need an estate plan. If you own a business; then you need an estate plan. If you know how and where you want to be buried; then you need an estate plan.

What type of estate plan is right for you?

The plan that is best for you will depend on 1) the size of your estate, 2) the control you desire to have over your estate during your life and after your death, and 3) the structure of your family.

Some of the estate planning packages that we offer:

1) Basic will

​2) Revocable Trust

3) Irrevocable Trust

4) Healthcare Package

Is it expensive to get an estate plan?

No, we offer affordable estate planning packages starting as low as $100. We offer affordable payment plans with all of our estate planning packages. 

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